How to upgrade litespeed forcefully.


If you are unable to upgrade litespeed version from old 4.2 to newest, please follow the steps.

You need to get into the directory /usr/local/lsws/autoupdate where the old packages exist.

remove all contents from the directory and forcefully update the litespeed version.

# /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/ -f -v 4.2.12



How to create custom php.ini file in a Litespeed Web-server


create the custom php.ini file for a particular domain.

1) Login to your WHM >> Select “Litespeed Configuration” >> Admin Console >> Configuration >> Server >> External App >> lsphp5

2 ) Here, click the ‘Edit’ option

In the “Environment “ section, add “ PHPRC=$VH_ROOT

In the “suEXEC User “ section, add the account’s username for which custom php.ini has to be enabled and for “suEXEC Group “ section, add the group name of the account.

save the changes.

3) Now proceed as Main >> Litespeed Webserver >> Quick Configuration of PHP suEXEC settings

Here, “Enable PHP suEXEC” should be ‘yes‘.

4) Restart your Litespeed Web server now,

#/etc/init.d/lsws restart

Then create the custom php.ini file in the user’s home directory.

PHP run without timeouts in litespeed


PHP run without timeouts

In some cases, we want PHP script to run as long as possible without any timeouts.


For example, when a php application rebuilds mysql indexes, the process may run for a long time. In Apache/mod_php, the ignore_user_abort variable allows the user to trigger this process and then close the browser or navigate away from the page without killing the php/mysql process.


LiteSpeed connection timeout override
Admin CP => Configuration => Server => Tuning => Connection Timeout (secs)
PHP execution time in php.ini

LSAPI_MAX_PROCESS_TIME (set this environment variable in lsphp5)
Admin CP => Configuration => Server(or Vhost) => External App => lsphp5

In Self Managed Mode, LSAPI_MAX_PROCESS_TIME (default 300 seconds) controls the maximum processing time allowed when processing a request. If a child process cannot finish processing the request in the given time period, it will be killed by the parent process. This option can get rid of a dead or a runaway child process.


How to reset Litespeed password


How to reset Litespeed password in Linux system

Login to the server via SSH access. Go to the directory /admin/misc/; where LiteSpeed installed. If you have install LiteSpeed in /usr/local/ then you will find it in /usr/local/admin/misc/.

# cd /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc
#/usr/local/lsws/admin/misc# pwd

Change your password by running file which works to change the Litespeed admin password.

bash-4.1# ./

Please specify the user name of administrator.
This is the user name required to login the administration Web interface.

User name [admin]:

Please specify the administrator’s password.
This is the password required to login the administration Web interface.

Retype password:

Administrator’s username/password is updated successfully!