PHP run without timeouts in litespeed

PHP run without timeouts

In some cases, we want PHP script to run as long as possible without any timeouts.


For example, when a php application rebuilds mysql indexes, the process may run for a long time. In Apache/mod_php, the ignore_user_abort variable allows the user to trigger this process and then close the browser or navigate away from the page without killing the php/mysql process.


LiteSpeed connection timeout override
Admin CP => Configuration => Server => Tuning => Connection Timeout (secs)
PHP execution time in php.ini

LSAPI_MAX_PROCESS_TIME (set this environment variable in lsphp5)
Admin CP => Configuration => Server(or Vhost) => External App => lsphp5

In Self Managed Mode, LSAPI_MAX_PROCESS_TIME (default 300 seconds) controls the maximum processing time allowed when processing a request. If a child process cannot finish processing the request in the given time period, it will be killed by the parent process. This option can get rid of a dead or a runaway child process.



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