How to allow certain IP for services in CSF

Posted: 6p in Firewall

Add the following line in your /etc/csf/csf.allow


Restart csf with : csf -r

This will allow incoming/outgoing connections to port 3306

  1. Abdirizak says:

    Hi Renjith,
    What about if i want to allow all IP address because if i install CSF on my server No one can access until i white list their IP address Please help about this issue?

    Thank you

    • Renjith Raju says:


      If you install CSF, by default it doesn’t restrict nothing, until you have configured the firewall properly. For securing the sever you need to restrict the SSH, otherwise the hackers will always trying make an access on the sever via default port.

      • Abdirizak says:

        I have created custom ssh thank you

  2. Abdirizak says:

    How i can contact with you what is your fb ID


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