Installing Git on a cPanel server

Installing Git on a cPanel server

Git is an open source software used for version control.

Before installing Git, it is important to set the environment and dependencies. The following command will install all the dependencies needed for Git.

# yum -y install zlib-devel openssl-devel cpio expat-devel gettext-devel

Downloading and Installing Git

Change the directory (/usr/local/src)

# wget
# tar xvzf git-latest.tar.gz
# cd git-date
# autoconf

# ./configure –with-curl=/usr/local

# make
# make install

Okay, The installation is completed now. But we need to do a bit of testing as well.

#mkdir git-test
#cd git-test
# git init

Here, we created a test directory called “git-test”, entered into that directory and initialized a repository there. If everything works fine, you will get a message as said below.

root@server [/usr/src/git-2013-10-30/git-test]# git init
Initialized empty Git repository in /usr/src/git-2013-10-30/git-test/.git/


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