How to Upgrade from VZ 4.0 to VZ 4.6

Upgrading from VZ 4.0 to VZ 4.6

If your server already has VZ 4.0, it’s very easy to upgrade to 4.6. You pretty much don’t have a choice because if you have other servers running 4.6, you won’t be able to move containers back and forth, and you won’t have many new kernel updates headed your way.

Note: This procedure is only for VZ 4.0 servers. If you run a previous version, you need to re-OS and reinstall VZ. You can’t upgrade to 4.6 from previous vesions!

1. Migrate all your containers off the server

If this is a live server, you’ll want to move off all your customers to avoid lengthy downtime. If you plan on moving them back, you can speed up the reverse process by moving off the containers and retaining their private areas

for ve in `vzlist -H -o veid,diskspace |sort -rnk2 |awk ‘{print $1}’` ; do vzmigrate -r no 192.168.x.x $ve ; done

2. Run a Yum update
Take this opportunity to update your operating system, noting that Virtuozzo already has an exclude file (/etc/yum/swsoft-excludes) to prevent the updates of certain packages.
yum update -y

3) install VZ 4.6
cd /root
chmod 755 vzinstall-linux-x86_64.bin

4) Run the self update
After the installation, run vzup2date twice (one is a self-update, the other is the kernel update)

5) reboot
6) Reapply customizations

If you had any customizations to VZ scripts (such as files in /etc/sysconfig/vz-script), you may need to re-apply them

7) Re-populate the server
Start migrations back to the server, which will take a fraction of the time since the private areas were retained:

for ve in `vzlist -H -o veid,diskspace |sort -rnk2 |awk ‘{print $1}’` ; do vzmigrate -r yes 192.168.x.x $ve; done


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