How to create subdomains in cPanel

Main cPanel Homepage

When you first login to cPanel, you will reach the main homepage for the control panel that will provide you with all the information that you might need to know about the server for your dynamic applications, as well as with all the different options and categories that you might need to make the most of your new website, domain and hosting package.

Creating a Subdomain

Select the Subdomain Option

To create a subdomain, you will need to enter the following information into the required text boxes:

subdomain (circled red) – this is where you enter the actual identity of the subdomain that you want to create
domain (drop down box – circled green) – you will be required to select the domain that you want the sub to be created under, in the case that you are hosting multiple domains under your cPanel hosting account
document root (circled blue) – this is where any files that you want to be accessible under the new subdomain will be held, it can be anything you want just as long as it is under your account’s ‘home’ directory – cPanel will automatically make this ‘/public_html/chosensubdomain’ when you place your cursor in the text field.

Once you have clicked ‘Create Subdomain’, you will be redirected to a screen which should hopefully confirm that you have successfully created a new subdomain.

Click the ‘Go Back’ link to return to the Subdomains page where the subdomain will now be listed.

You can now add files for that subdomain to the folder created for it.


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