SuExec server permission issue

SuExec server permission issue?

After enabling SuExec on server most users getting “500 Internal Server Error” at that time refer following steps.

1st) Correct cPanel users files/directories ownership.


for i in `cat /etc/trueuserdomains | awk ‘{print $2}’`
chown $i.$i /home/$i -R;
chown $i.mail /home/$i/etc -R;
chown $i.nobody /home/$i/public_html;


2nd) Correct permission for files and directories for cPanel users from shell but make sure that you logged in as root user and running following command in /home partition.


find . -type d -perm 777 -exec chmod 755 {} \;

find . -type f -perm 644 -exec chmod 755 {} \;


2 thoughts on “SuExec server permission issue

  1. This page had a lot of interesting information on it. You know I have been to this site over and over now, off and on. I have yet to make a comment, so I thought I’d drop you a line 🙂 I really appreciate the work you do on here… always providing great content! This one’s going to facebook!

  2. This is very good. I was astonished to see this info so well assembled, definitely about to post this on facebook so the husband can see it. Cheers!

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