Script to email successful Ftp logins

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This Shell script will search the server logs on daily basis and will email you the successful Ftp Logins of the day.
The ftp logs are saved in the /var/log/messages file as by default there is no separate log file for Ftp in Linux.
Create a file /home/script/ and paste the below code:
#Retrieve the current date
CUR_DATE=`date +”%b %e”`
#Create a temporary file to store the logs
touch /tmp/out.txt
echo “List Follows” > /tmp/out.txt

#Search the successful attempts and save in the temporary file
/bin/grep “$CUR_DATE” /var/log/messages | grep pure-ftpd | grep logged >> /tmp/out.txt
#Email the contents of the file to your email address
/bin/mail -s “Successful Ftp Login Attempts on ‘$CUR_DATE’” < /tmp/out.txt
Save the file. You now have to schedule a cron to execute the file once in a day to search logs. Edit the cron file
crontab -e
and add the following cron job
59 23 * * * /bin/sh /home/script/
1) This script will work with Pure-Ftpd server. You will have to edit the search string a bit according to your Ftp server.
2) If you copy/paste the script as it is in shell, the single and double quotes may change to dots (.) so make sure you correct them before executing the script.


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